Nixian DAoC Tools

Random Sorter


1. You start logging (default ctrl + L)
2. You tell people to /random 100
3. You stop logging (default ctrl + L)
4. You copy the last chatlog entry (located default under documents -> EA -> daoc -> chat.log)
5. You press submit

Few notes:

1. If two players roll the same it will sort those 2 alfabetic - Nothing will notify you if 2 players rolled the same.
2. If a player roll twice only the first roll will count.
3. You can leave other lines from the log in, this will be ignored, only lines including "a random number between" will be considered.
4. If a player tries to trick using /me, you will see @@ as the player name
5. If a player rolls with something else than the specified random #, the roll will be ignored

Random #: