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Loki spellcrafting oracle

Since is down I decided to host a download link for the 1.4 version of lokis.
I take NO credit in this amazing work but see myself needed to host it due to being unavailable anywhere else.

Download Loki 1.4

After long arduous hours of studying the Eddas and many perilous journeys through the lands of Guinevere Midgard,
at long last Heimdl Bluetooth mighty hand of Thor and Snidges Balmnbridges humble servant of Ymir thought they
had found the fabled disembodied head of Mimir, the Norse God of Wisdom. After further research they have
discovered that this disembodied head is unable to offer advice on anything other than item lore.
During their consultations they discovered that the head's name was the Lesser Oracle Knowing Items.
It is now apparent that what was found was a replica of Mimir's head, which Loki the Norse God of Mischief
and Strife intended to use to sew the seeds of conflict. The Lesser Oracle, in fulfillment of its purpose,
is available to offer you consultations on your battle readiness.